Registration for GAUSS Career Services

We kindly ask you to register on this page if you are interested in joining the postdoctoral network in Göttingen and in participating in the activities provided by the GAUSS Career Service.

Registering will only take a few seconds and only very few entries are mandatory (name, present affiliation, contact). However, we would like to encourage you to fill in additional information, which aims are:

(1) To obtain a better overview over our postdoc community in life and natural sciences. At the moment there is virtually no data available making it quite difficult to develop an attractive and supportive program that is tailored to your needs. It will also help us assembling statistical data, which will be required for future fundraising as well as for upcoming evaluations.

(2) To help you to find contacts that are useful for your career and to identify colleagues with similar backgrounds or research interests. To facilitate networking and communication amongst you, we are working on a web-based interactive platform, which is part of a postdoctoral association we are currently establishing.

Be assured that none of your data will be accessible to anyone outside the GAUSS Career office unless you give permission. You will also be able to change your data anytime. We have developed an up-to-date database system in compliance with established security standards to prevent unauthorized access to the data.

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